Bass Fishing Trip in Lake Biwa (For foreign anglers )

Hi, I am Toru, FiSHTRiP staff.

How is your fishing !? Do you know "Lake Biwa" in Japan ??


It's one of the most famous bass fishing field all over the world.

Lately, Many foreign anglers are coming to Lake Biwa.

Why ??


Lake Biwa has IGFA world tie record of Largemouth Bass on 2nd July, 2009.

Its weight 10.12 kg (22 lb 4 oz) and length 73.5cm. Sooooo Crazy !!!

How should you go there ??

It takes 2 hours from "Kansai International Airport" to "Lake Biwa".

And a half hour from "Kyoto". It's very close, you know !?

If you will stay at Kyoto, it's too easy to do bass fishing in world record lake.

DSC04424.JPG DSC04429.JPG

Lake Biwa has 2 different fishing fields, South and North area.

Basically, South is shallow and stained water, North is deep and clear water.

There are so many kind of aquatic plants, milfoil, hydrilla, reeds and more.

And main baits is Japanese small fish like minnow. Bluegill, crayfish and more.

14218260_1810924832464168_1632069558_n.jpg clunn_rick_0.jpg IMG_3935.PNG

One of the pro fishing guide "Tetsuya Ichikawa" caught the big bass in South area.

When he was young, tried to Bassmaster tournament in USA. He can speak English well.

So his company "ICHIKAWA FISHING HOOKS" start to support for Legend "Rick Clunn" on 2017.

His signature model "RC KAMAKIRI HOOKS". It has been developed in Lake Biwa.

Now, I wanna show you stream of "Bass Fishing Trip in Lake Biwa" in a day.

IMG_3532.JPG IMG_3538.JPG

6:00 Meeting with fishing guide. Let's go fishing to Lake Biwa !!

IMG_3552.JPG IMG_3554.JPG

6:00 - 14:00 Catch bass ! Take pics !! Get much smile !!!


14:00 Stop fishing.

Pro fishing guide "Masa"(the leftmost) and "Yuzo"(Next to Masa) have you catch memorial bass in North area.

And I am "Toru" (the rightmost) support your trip. Don't hesitate ! Keep in touch !!

【Rate (Bass Fishing Trip in Lake Biwa)】
・1 or 2 people : Estimation
・3 or more people : Estimation

・Fishing guide with Bass boat (Full day / 8 hours)
・Rental fishing tackles (Rod, Reel, Line, Hooks and Lures )
※ Not need fishing license in Lake Biwa

【Not Included】
・Air ticket and accommodation fee.
・Transportation from hotel to marina.
・Foods and drinks.
・Fishing gear (Cap, Sun glass, Sunscreen and more)

Let me know soon If you have any books and questions.

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I am looking forward to your contact !! Bye !!

Toru Kaneko


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